Sittin’ at The Park on a Sunday afternoon…

actually it was a friday night. (but it made for a good title from an old skool LSOB song. HA!)
Enjoyed a great meal here and you can’t beat the price of $20 for their Friday Supper Club. A meal that includes an appetizer, an entree and a small dessert. A small place where you won’t need a reservation and where their menu will surprise with a variation of flavors using seasonal ingredients.
I will definitely come back for a price like this, it cant be beat with the caliber of food that they serve.

Drive slow on Sunset because you might just miss it. There is no parking lot so you will have to find street parking and watch out for the weekends, it also gets crowded.

Wednesdays is also $5 burger night, which makes it the perfect price for a poor broke-ass like me.

the water.

the butter poached lobster.

the eggplant involtini

the szechuan calamari

the pan seared duck breast

the Park burger

The Park
1400 Sunset Blvd
Echo Park, CA

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  1. That pan seared duck breast looks so appetizing! and butter poached lobster? get out of here!!

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