Rain On

What can i say? I love the rain and living in Southern California its pretty damn rare. So i guess Toni Toni Tone got it wrong cause its been raining for 4 days straight in Southern California. So i was driving around today meeting with clients on new design projects including a well known celebrity and his wife. This song came was playing on my ipod as I was at the stoplight and the rain was pitter pattering on my windsheid. All i can say was “Perfect!” and smiled.

Rain On

I’m Singin’ in The Rain

With four straight days of soaking rain here in Southern California, i need a pick me up from this dreary weather. What better to do than to be Singin’ in The Rain.

Here is a famous clip from the 1952 comedy musical Singin’ in the Rain starring Gene Kelly. Whenever it rains, I tend to sing this song in my heard…definitely a classic.

Photowalk: Newport Beach

Me and my photographer buddies had arranged a photowalk in Newport Beach, CA pier this past Sunday where we walked along the beach taking random photos. We had timed it so it was close to late afternoon where we can catch the infamous “Golden Hour” which is when the time of day close to sunset where the sky is rich in colors and where the color of our skin tone is golden. I managed to capture some photos off the pier. I can’t believe how crazy beautiful a day it was. This is what we Southern Californians experience in January.

We hope to do some more photowalks in the future so if any other photographers are interested just contact me. Downtown Los Angeles would be the next meetup.

The A-Team Trailer

I was a HUGE A-team aficionado growing up – I mean, what kid in the 80’s could resist “a fictional group of ex-United States Army Special Forces who work as soldiers of fortune while being on the run from the military for a “crime they didn’t commit”.

Now comes a rem-make :A-Team actors consist of Liam Neeson, Quinton Jackson, Bradley Cooper, and Sharlto Copley. I have absolutely ZERO expectations, and actually expect them to F’ it up. But lets wait and see. Trailer below … (via swipelife)


Thius was my first time here and was told by a friend to to try the recommended specialty.
The “Carne En Su Jugo”, Basically its carne asada cut small, its cooked in its own juice and beef broth. It has pinto beans, cilantro, onions, garlic, and lime. It is accompanied with a plate of radishes, grilled onions and peppers. Choice of Tortillas, fresh cut lemons and limes are standard with this meal.

I guess you can consider it more of a soup, but damn, was this thing good! It was flavorful yet still felt light and refreshing (probably due to the lime). Use the spoon and dig up all the juicy tidbits of carne, pinto beans, and cilantro. The combination of flavors feels familiar yet i have never had this dish before.. A hearty meal that left me feeling stuffed throughout the night.

If you get a chance, hope you try this dish.

Valenzuela’s Restaurant
11721 Valley Blvd
El Monte, CA 91732
(626) 579-5384