L.A. Street Food Fest – Winner is…Monsieur Egg

Thoughts on LA Street Food Fest, pretty awesome, pretty crowded too! Vushotcha and me should have planned the day better. We should have hit Ludo Lefebvres truck first. His line was like the old days of the DMV. Fuck That! NO fried chicken is that good (I’m just bitter). Here are the following places we tried.

Phamish – Their Bahn mi was ok. i still prefer the brick and mortar locations all over the SGV and OC.
Flying pig – ate some pork belly, Peking style and a slider. Not bad but was expecting more.
Mama Koh’s – some good KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) wings. I would like Kyochon and Mama Koh’s wings to have a battle.


But the one i want to talk about is Monsieur Egg – my Favorite!
I had their scrambled eggs and thick cut bacon with home made croissant. scrambled eggs were perfect! soft, fluffy and they were still able to retain and keep the custard texture of the eggs.


We were getting pretty full and needed to take a quick rest, walked around and all the lines were waay too long!
I headed back to Monsieur Egg, I was so impressed with his food i ordered another item on his menu – Croque Madam with Fried egg.


This was art ala cart! (i should trademark this line)

This Grilled ham sandwich with fried egg was delicious! perfect runny fried egg and beautiful grilled sandwich with tasty ham. Wow1 From a freaking cart y’all!
I am now a fan.

long post. sorry guys, Here are pics!






Monsieur Egg
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6 thoughts on “L.A. Street Food Fest – Winner is…Monsieur Egg”

  1. Hey! Daughter Koh here. Thanks for giving Mama Koh’s Chicken a shout out. It was our first time setting up shop and was not prepared for the turnout! So happy at the response we got and we’re definitely looking into next steps.

    Entering the food festival was out of pure interest and fun. My mom’s chicken was always a hit with the family, friends, neighbors, church, etc. I thought it would be a great opportunity for my mom to showcase her famous wings to LA foodies…and it no doubt was!

    I’ve personally never had Kyochon chicken, but I’m sure it’s good. There are a handful of legit Korean chicken places that serve some good stuff – BBQ Chicken is one of them.

    We hope to share our chicken again and think of ways everyone could taste it how it was intended: right from the fryer, to the work, to the mouth. (Unfortunately the chicken had to be prepared way ahead of time, so the crispy action wasn’t all there.)

  2. hello Daughter Koh, i did enjoy your chicken very much! I only compared it to Kyochon because i believe your chicken could give them a run for their money. if you can please provide more information on where we can find and eat some of Mama Koh’s chicken. thanks for commenting!

  3. HungryDrunk

    I am so glad that you liked our food. I think your photos are incredible, I especially appreciate that the photo of me seemed to capture the one exact moment that I was not totally freaking out. We had a great time out there, worked incredibly hard, and reading your review made it all worthwhile. Hope to run across you again soon


  4. thanks for the comments M.egg! Hope to see you on the streets and have some more of your delicous food!

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