I Cant Go For That…..

The Bird and the Bee is an indie/Synthpop/alternative musical duo from Los Angeles, consisting of musicians Inara George (“the bird”) and Greg Kurstin (“the bee”). Kurstin, a producer and keyboardist who has worked with Lily Allen, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Beck, The Flaming Lips, Kylie Minogue and Red Hot Chili Peppers, is also a member of the band Geggy Tah. George and Kurstin met while the two were working on her debut album and they decided to collaborate on a jazz-influenced electro pop project. This is a song from their album title Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates. A must grab and a must for road trips.
02 I Can’t Go For That

“There’s Cafe Hiro, if you look inside your heart,

You don’t have to be afraid of what you are.
There’s an answer, if you reach into your soul…”
LOL! Had to throw that in..

In Cypress, in another small strip plaza lies a restaurant that serves a blend of different types of food. Serving an eclectic range of cuisines,from French to Italian to Chinese, all with touches of the chef’s Japanese roots. A modern style of cooking, it is a fusion of European and Asian influences. By using ingredients from your native country or with food that you grew up eating, the chef was able to create a diverse menu of dishes that left me wanting to come back and try other new dishes.

$50 per person was spent including some beer for 2 people, but i am sure you can get out of there much cheaper. The group of friends i tend to eat with usually orders way more than the average person.

Hope you try it.
Enough BS writing and on with the pictures.


Fried Jidori Chicken

Beef Tataki

Uni Risotto

Osso Bucco

Tonkatsu with Homemade Curry (this ain’t no House brand curry!)

Ume Shiso Pasta

Spinach Bacon Pasta

Miso Black Cod

Banana & Filo Dough

Panna Cotta

Cafe Hiro
10509 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 527-6090

Sittin’ at The Park on a Sunday afternoon…

actually it was a friday night. (but it made for a good title from an old skool LSOB song. HA!)
Enjoyed a great meal here and you can’t beat the price of $20 for their Friday Supper Club. A meal that includes an appetizer, an entree and a small dessert. A small place where you won’t need a reservation and where their menu will surprise with a variation of flavors using seasonal ingredients.
I will definitely come back for a price like this, it cant be beat with the caliber of food that they serve.

Drive slow on Sunset because you might just miss it. There is no parking lot so you will have to find street parking and watch out for the weekends, it also gets crowded.

Wednesdays is also $5 burger night, which makes it the perfect price for a poor broke-ass like me.

the water.

the butter poached lobster.

the eggplant involtini

the szechuan calamari

the pan seared duck breast

the Park burger

The Park
1400 Sunset Blvd
Echo Park, CA


Angel’s Point / Elysian Park – Monsieur Egg Brunch

A great day to be out in the sun, driving up the windy road that leads to Angels point in Elysian park i am reminded why I love L.A.

The wife and I got to eat some delicious breakfast fare here with a bunch of other people who were able to find the place and make it to the brunch. I would have loved to mingle and talk with everyone, but without some liquid courage my anti-social personality ruled the day.

I was also a considerate anti social douchebag since M.Egg was offering seconds and i turned it down even though i wanted to eat more. Other people were still waiting for their meal, i should have waited and got my seconds. Damn!

anyway some crappy pics by me:

A hazy sunday, Downtown L.A. could have looked a little better on a clear day. I would have wanted a better picture than this.

Thanks for the great food, great time and great location Monsieur Egg – Jaime Turrey

Bacon, perfect runny scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, homemade croissants and scones. (shade and shadows in pics…my bad)
Crabby crab cakes! Que?