Pablo & Kim: Malibu Engagement Session

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When my friend Kim asked me to take her & fiance Pablo’s engagement photos, i was more than happy & honored to do it. I had previously shot Kim and her 3 other sisters for a siblings portrait as a gift to their mom’s on her birthday.

After numerous shoot location brainstorming, Kim was referred by a friend about this awesome spot in Malibu called El Matador Beach. It has a nice 2 bench park with a yellow poppy field on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. Great view. We had arrived there 10am and the first shot s were with the sun right overhead. Not ideal lighting conditions but we managed. That was until the fog came rolling through in an instant and suddenly the view of the ocean had dissapeared, Nevertheless, we overcame the fog and it really actually help us as the clouds became a nice softbox which is great for portraits bur not ideal for landscape style photos. So it was a give and take.

Overall, the shots turned out great and it was a fun day in Malibu. Congrats to Kim & Pablo’s wedding in May.

Click above for a some photos in the gallery.

Angel’s Point / Elysian Park – Monsieur Egg Brunch

A great day to be out in the sun, driving up the windy road that leads to Angels point in Elysian park i am reminded why I love L.A.

The wife and I got to eat some delicious breakfast fare here with a bunch of other people who were able to find the place and make it to the brunch. I would have loved to mingle and talk with everyone, but without some liquid courage my anti-social personality ruled the day.

I was also a considerate anti social douchebag since M.Egg was offering seconds and i turned it down even though i wanted to eat more. Other people were still waiting for their meal, i should have waited and got my seconds. Damn!

anyway some crappy pics by me:

A hazy sunday, Downtown L.A. could have looked a little better on a clear day. I would have wanted a better picture than this.

Thanks for the great food, great time and great location Monsieur Egg – Jaime Turrey

Bacon, perfect runny scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, homemade croissants and scones. (shade and shadows in pics…my bad)
Crabby crab cakes! Que?