Angel’s Point / Elysian Park – Monsieur Egg Brunch

A great day to be out in the sun, driving up the windy road that leads to Angels point in Elysian park i am reminded why I love L.A.

The wife and I got to eat some delicious breakfast fare here with a bunch of other people who were able to find the place and make it to the brunch. I would have loved to mingle and talk with everyone, but without some liquid courage my anti-social personality ruled the day.

I was also a considerate anti social douchebag since M.Egg was offering seconds and i turned it down even though i wanted to eat more. Other people were still waiting for their meal, i should have waited and got my seconds. Damn!

anyway some crappy pics by me:

A hazy sunday, Downtown L.A. could have looked a little better on a clear day. I would have wanted a better picture than this.

Thanks for the great food, great time and great location Monsieur Egg – Jaime Turrey

Bacon, perfect runny scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, homemade croissants and scones. (shade and shadows in pics…my bad)
Crabby crab cakes! Que?

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  1. Food looks fantastic! Photos are great….man I should have went! You should’vd definitely went for seconds! Kudos to Monsieur Egg.

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