Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniforms

With the announcement of the New York Basketball Festival in NYC this summer 2010, Nike introduced their latest designs of the Hyper Elite Uniforms for Team USA, China and other countries.

What I love about these unis are the lightweight fabric and aerographics on the back of the jerseys similar to the 2008 USA jersey in Beijing. Some of the few college universities that already sported them this past season was Syracuse, UCONN & Kentucky. All I can say is can we get a Nike ID version already so we can sport them for the Mighty Cocks?

Bad Boys Blue

The other day when I had Pho at a local vietnamese restaurant, this song was playing through their speakers and man did it bring up some old memories growing up. I would listen to this band in the late 80’s and it was pure pleasure with sing a long type of lyrics and catchy melodies and I did not miss a word on the lyrics.

The band was part of a new wave of euro-pop imported to the U.S. in the late eighties with other acts such as Modern Talking and C.C. Catch to name a couple.

Check it out.

Artist Profile: Dj Shakee

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Before photography was my passion, Dj’ing was my full time obsession. I became part of a local Monterey Park DJ crew called Livitup Productions in 1996. The crew’s member at the time was James “Hey Mesa” Woo, Alex “Dj Rewind” Sarrio & Jordan ” Dj Shakee” Abrantes. My first ever gig was this Filipino debut banquet I helped on. Jordan literally gave me my first break at this event. That night was my first ever “premiere” spinning for some kids. I don’t even think I got paid but I didn’t care, I was spinning!

I have since turned in my headphones and started my new venture in photography. Dj Shakee though, is still belting out tunes on the wheels of steel at clubs, lounges or at the Livitup “Lab” where thousands of vinyl he and all former members collectively accumulated over the past 18 years are neatly organized.

Here is a recent interview I did with this Dj vet.

Vushots: When did u start Djing?
Shakee: 1991 with Livitup Productions.

Vushots: Whats the first record you ever bought?
Shakee: First record owned was a Disney record from when I was about 3 years old. First record bought
with my own money was either Feels Good by Tony Toni Tone, or Miss You
Much by Janet Jackson. Not really sure.

Vushots: What was the most memorable event you spun at?
Shakee: There’s a lot of those. Its probably a tie between the 90s Reunion show at the
Inglewood Forum, and the Hancock Wrap party at the Sony studios.
The 90s reunion show was cool, cause I got to DJ at the Forum and that
is where I saw one of my first concerts. Also, the crowd was going
nuts for every record I dropped. The whole place was doing the dance
when I dropped the Bird by Morris Day and The Time. The first person
to give me props on a good set was my friend Ivan. That was the last
time I saw him alive, cause he passed away in a car accident a few
months later.

The Hancock party was awesome, cause I got to open for DJ Jazzy Jeff,
and Doug E Fresh. At one point I was even on stage with Will Smith.
There was a big stage, and each DJ had his own set up. Spotlights and
the whole nine.

Vushots: What are you current projects?
Shakee: I always have a mixtape/CD idea in
mind. Its just a matter of sitting down to do it. Also getting more
in video DJing. And I have some friends who have a singing group. I
have a track with them that we’re in the middle of working on.

Vushots: What is your dream set list(name 5)
Shakee: That definitely varies…
Michael Jackson – Rock With You
De La Soul – Keepin The Faith
Prince – Erotic City
Run DMC – Peter Piper
New Edition – Cool It Now

Jordan is also video editor and has done some work for various online magazines such as . You can find some of Shakee’s free mixes on his website and blog .

Dorsia @ 7 Lounge DTLA

Come check out this one time special event, my boy James will be spinning. There will be happy hour specials.

Music/Arts – Performance
Thursday, February 4, 2010
5:00pm – 10:00pm
Seven Lounge | 555 W. 7th Street (NEC 7th & Grand)
80’s Excess | Fine Drinks | Killer Music

Remember when greed was good?

Remember when “Less Than Zero” was a movie and not your condo value?

Under spend. Over do.



3 DJ’s hand tailoring your 80’s era soundtrack.

80’s Music Lovers + Alcoholics (former and current) are welcome

Brian & May’s Maternity Shoot

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Last December I had the honor of shooting Brian & May’s maternity & Christmas card photos. The shoot also included their two pets as well and from my experience so far, pets are easier to shoot than most two year old children! You give a dog a treat and they’ll love you. Ha!

Since Brian is a Michigan U alumni, we decided to incorporate Michigan baby clothes in the shoot. Here are some of the photos from the shoot.