On The Nickel

“On The Nickel” contains probably the most devastating and beautiful lyrics I have ever heard. “The Nickel” refers to a section of Fifth Street in Downtown Los Angeles that was gathering place for the homeless and down-&-out folks during the depression era. The song is the title score for the 1980 film by Ralph Waite. The music rings like a childrens’ lullaby, with the words harking to the days when these now hapless “Nickel” characters were just little boys running amok and making mischief. This is one of those songs that is both heartbreaking and beautiful, and I have have a hard time picturing it having the full effect if covered by somebody other than Waits. Cant help but love his music. A glass of whiskey, candles and a lit cigarette. ( Smoking is bad for you kids ). Enjoy!

sticks and stones will break my bones,
but i always will be true, and when
your mama is dead and gone,
i’ll sing this lullabye just for you,
and what becomes of all the little boys,
who never comb their hair,
well they’re lined up all around the block,
on the nickel over there.

so you better bring a bucket,
there is a hole in the pail,
and if you don’t get my letter,
then you’ll know that i’m in jail,
and what becomes of all the little boys,
who never say their prayers,
well they’re sleepin’ like a baby,
on the nickel over there.

and if you chew tobacco, and wish upon a star,
well you’ll find out where the scarecrows sit,
just like punchlines between the cars,
and i know a place where a royal flush,
can never beat a pair, and even thomas jefferson,
is on the nickel over there.

so ring around the rosie, you’re sleepin’ in the rain,
and you’re always late for supper,
and man you let me down again,
i thought i heard a mockingbird, roosevelt knows where,
you can skip the light, with grady tuck,
on the nickel over there.

so what becomes of all the little boys,
who run away from home,
well the world just keeps gettin’ bigger,
once you get out on your own,
so here’s to all the little boys,
the sandman takes you where,
you’ll be sleepin’ with a pillowman,
on the nickel over there.

so let’s climb up through that button hole,
and we’ll fall right up the stairs,
and i’ll show you where the short dogs grow,
on the nickel over there.


Javelin are from Brooklyn. I have always dug their beats, but this time they hit the nail in the head with this one. STD!
Who doenst want to know about STD! Im sure some of you who are reading this probably have some. And for those that dont know what it is, Listen to this informative song and LET THE BURNING BEGIN!Javelin-STD Fury

Dorsia @ 7 Lounge DTLA

Come check out this one time special event, my boy James will be spinning. There will be happy hour specials.

Music/Arts – Performance
Thursday, February 4, 2010
5:00pm – 10:00pm
Seven Lounge | 555 W. 7th Street (NEC 7th & Grand)
80’s Excess | Fine Drinks | Killer Music

Remember when greed was good?

Remember when “Less Than Zero” was a movie and not your condo value?

Under spend. Over do.



3 DJ’s hand tailoring your 80’s era soundtrack.

80’s Music Lovers + Alcoholics (former and current) are welcome


The name is actually Animal, but it deserves the exclamation mark. One of my Favorite restaurants! Rich, decadent, full-flavored food. I loved this place! You might like it, you might hate it, but i personally enjoyed most of the dishes that i had. We were too full to finish the ribs.
I would give more details but onto the pictures! No one wants to read the crap i write, we all just want to see the pics!
(i know the pics look all brown, but its meat dammit!)
I will try to name each dish.

melted petite basque, chorizo, grilled bread

barbeque pork belly sandwiches, slaw

poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar

baby broccoli, pancetta, parmesan, soft egg, bread crumbs

bone marrow, parsley salad

quail fry, grits, chard, slab bacon, maple jus

balsamic pork ribs, delicata squash, cippolini onion vinaigrette

I also had the bacon chocolate crunch bar, s&p anglaise. No pic but I LOVED it! (I was too busy eating it and forgot to take a picture)

Reservations recommended. (small place and fucking crowded!)
Animal Restaurant
435 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Bear Says…

Da Bear...

Hey now! The Bear’s back. After a short hiatus due to some reoccurring gastroenteritis, I’m here to spread more of my lamentable blabbery.
Well its that time of year again, time to call your bookie and dip into jr’s college fund, thats right, its Super Bowl time! As my good friend Vu Nasty puts it, A Holiday for Men. Albeit its a sunday, so technically its just the weekend, but I’m not here to argue semantics. I’m here to talk about Super Bowl parties.
How many of us have shown up to a SB party empty handed. You walk in and the hosts says to you “who the fuck are you!?”, but besides that, what did you bring?!
I’m here to give you mooching suns a beetches a couple frugal alternatives, this way you’re not hung out to dry like the social pariah that you are.

Step one, find yourself some kind of quikie mart or circle k-ish connivence store. You now have a plethora of expired crap at your finger tips.
Here are my top five last minute SB edibles.

5. Vinikies in a blanket: Get yourself some twinkies, next a can of vienna sausages. Take dem lovely little wieners and shove ’em in that hydrogenated soybean ferrous sulphate deliciousness, BOOM! taste explosion.

4. Chili Cheese Corn Chip Casserole: Well its probably not a casserole, but when you roll up and tell those a-holes it is, they won’t know the difference. Get yourself a bag of public school grade corn chips, don’t buy that name brand bullshit, you’re just throwing your money away. Get the granny goose crap, now thats value you can taste! Next get yourself one them plastic nacho chip containers, fill that shit up with chili. LOTS of chili! Dump that GG corn chip bag in there and pump that bad boy full of process cheese. If habib starts giving you lip, tell him you’re making freedom! Suck it habib! Then nuke that freedom platter for 2 min. While you’re waiting, check out he latest issue of King Magazine. Viola! you got yourself a Chili Cheese Corn Chip Casserole.

3. Sugar Hookah Blast: Get one of them 700oz tanker cups, then fill that vat up with your fav Squishee flavah! Get a hand full of straws and BOOM! You got yourself a sugar hookah blast. Why call it hookah? Cause is sounds cooler poindexter!

2. Râler le saucisson: SAY WHAT! Thats French for Beef Sausage ya ignoramus. Actually the literal translation is moan the sausage but who gives a shiet! Ask Apu to give you the oldest beef dogs he has in the back, nuke ’em for bout 5 min till they burst and rip open like fist of the north star. Cut those babies up into bite size morsels and shove stir sticks in ’em, BAhBAM! Whors d’evours!

1. Bacochos: This is the coup de grâce. The death blow. You walk into a SB party touting this culinary masterpiece, you’re guaranteed brain. No questions ask, straight “on yo knees butt naked please”. This one is simple, nuke 5 packs of bacon until crispy. Next lay those prefect strips in a nacho container. Pump copious amounts of process cheese and chili beef on top. Garnish with jalapenos, onions, relish, twinkies, ho hos or whatever else you find. Have fun be creative, there is no wrong way to make Bacochos. SHABLOOOM!! That right there is SB party killah!

That concludes the top five last minute Super Bowl edibles. Just remember, have fun, be creative. No ones probably gonna eat that crap anyway, which only means one thing… more for you.