Blue Moon

In a rare astronomical appearance & especially rare that tonight is New Year’s Eve,  there will be a blue moon in the sky tonight. How rare you ask? How about once every 2 & 1/2 years. Doesn’t sound rare? Well it is New Year’s Eve.  It’s not actually a blue moon, it’s just referred to a blue moon because this is the second full moon this month.

On the other side of the world, they will experience a rare lunar eclipse.

So while your out partying safely tonight and you feel a sudden rush or feeling to do something weird, just blame it on the blue moon.

Happy New Years!

Inaugural Vushots Blog Post

Welcome to the all new Vushots blog. I’m excited for this new blog, I think it has lots of potential. This site will still be undergoing new looks and changes until I get it right.

Not only will this be a photo based blog, I will have special guest bloggers in the future that I will let post anything they wish and under a variety of topics such as food, art, mountain biking, you name it. Sky’s the limit! In the meantime, here is my first photo upload.

Truong Photoshoot

This photo is from a shoot I did with the model Truong & her sister Trang in November. It was actually shot at a loaned furniture store, with over 20 different showrooms full of furniture, I was definitely in photographer’s heaven.